About Me


Dalma (aka DKAstrology, @dkastrology) was born in Hungary. Her father was a well-known Investigative journalist and her mother was a banker.

Growing up amongst avid readers in the family she felt an instant attraction to esoteric subjects and read a variety of books about astrology, tarot and numerology. 

In 2003 she married a Jamaican gentleman and moved to  Jamaica.  She continued to show interest in various esoteric and historical subjects. She was mentored and studied under Debra Silverman Astrologer who awarded her with two scholarships in her Applied Astrology Program. Having finished her formal studies under Debra, she continues studying Astrology and other esoteric subjects. (Debra, amongst her many accomplishments, is  Personal Astrologer to Sting.)

She has a wide variety of local and international clients, she is a no-nonsense, non-judgmental Astrologer with over 5 years of experience in Consulting, Life Coaching and Personalized Astrology Services. 

She continues to consult with numerous Business Professionals in their decision-making, as well as private clients in their everyday personal development while advocating for the importance of the ethical use of  Astrology.