Schedule Your Reading

An in-depth description of all of my services available on the Services Page.

Clients are encouraged to book ahead to secure their spot as they are going fast. I am typically booked ahead a month or two. Prices are quoted in US dollars and due at least 2 WEEKS before booking each Session. There are NO REFUNDS available.

Readings are done in person or via Zoom meeting app which also will be recorded, so clients are able to refer to it and track their progress.  At this time, I have no capacity to record and upload recordings of sessions for clients,  clients are responsible to prepare for recording their sessions and they may keep their recording as to enable tracking their progress.

Payments are made via Xoom app, direct deposit, bank transfer, WorlRemit app, or other preferred methods of payment, please indicate.

Payments are accepted as:

  • Xoom app
  • Direct deposit/ bank transfer
  • WorlRemit app
  • Paypal — if you opt for Paypal please allow me send a payment request or invoice to you before payment so Paypal does not freeze the funds


Once you have filled out the form to schedule feel free to forward payment through Paypal.


30 Min Personal Reading – 120 USD
45 Min Personal Reading – 150 USD
1HR in Depth Reading – 180 USD
45 Min Life Purpose/Career – 150 USD
45 Min Children/Romance – 150 USD
60 Min Yearly Forecast – 180 USD
1HR Couples Reading – 220 USD

Refund/Cancellation Policy

I am offering a time-based service. You are paying for the time, not whether you agree with or do not agree with what is said during the session. Refunds are not offered for time spent. If for any reason you have to cancel, if you do so 24 hours before the reading or service offered you will receive a full refund. If you cancel with less than 24 hours left you will receive a refund for half the cost. An exception will be made for cases of sickness or family emergency. 

If you are going to be late to a reading, or booked a time that no longer works for you, please text or email so we can choose a better time for you. 

Once you have contacted me for a refund, if it is determined to be legitimate, please allow 24 hours to process the refund, it may take up to 3 days to then actually receive the refund.