happy client after an in person reading

Accurate and Private Readings

Your Birth Chart reflects who you are. My readings are private and will be kept in confidence.

Zoom readings mean you can keep recordings of our session to review whenever you like.

I always strive to keep customers happy. Please look over the reviews my clients have left over the years.

“Listen to me people… My session with @DKAstrology is the best birthday gift I could ever possibly give myself. I am beyond pleased and highly recommend her and her services. She is amazing. I have so much more clarity and affirmation of my goals, soul work and desires.” – @TamiTsansai

“Yo have you tried talking to @DKAstrology?? I did and she was able to set a few things straight for me. I was sceptic at first but she definitely know what she’s doing and I can’t wait to meet her to get the whole thing. If you a fan of hers you really should link her” – @meezshanny

@DKAstrology is a real good gyal. Ninjaman would a call her a real bad man. Tust me. Betta dan any psychologist weh a run di streets. And caring… Gosh… Try her out #AstrologyFacts” – @theRealABarrett

“Many people don’t believe in astrology (because of internet horoscopes and shit) but just give it a try with an open mind, I’m sure @DKAstrology will change your view. Clear and effective explanations & very personal ones too.”

@AgapeKvon on Twitter

@DKAstrology Thank you so much for the interaction. You gave me a path to levels of energy I knew was there but never understood. Thank you :)” – @Islanddreamer16

@DKAstrology put a whole lot into perspective and I have to give her mad props! Thank you very much.” – @Vidokti

“Give @DKAstrology a chance to give you a reading. I was offered the opportunity to do so and it was a very eye opening experience. Told me a lot about myself that I didn’t know, worth the time truss mi. She smart wid it.” – @Jahbarii