Thank you for Inquiring about my Astrology Services!

I am a non-judgmental, no-nonsense Personal Astrologer with over 5 years of experience of:

  • Consulting
  • Life Coaching
  • Personalized Astrology Services

In the past I have helped numerous Business Professionals in their decision-making, and private clients as well in their everyday personal development.

I am accredited and certified by Applied Astrology (Debra Silverman, Personal Astrologer to Sting among others.)

Booking a Session

Clients are encouraged to book ahead to secure their spot as they are going fast. I am typically booked ahead a month or two. There are NO REFUNDS available.

Readings are done in person or via Zoom meeting app which also will be recorded, so clients are able to refer to it and track their progress.  Payments are done with bank transfer or Western Union Direct.

In-depth written readings are available at a higher cost, let me know if you require further details.

Note: Zoom meetings are recorded and the client keeps the recordings. Most Astrologers do Zoom or video-chat sessions to make it easier for the client to ask questions and for discussion and feedback.

Returning customers get discounts from regular prices of their video sessions so we can track progress and assist better. 

Marilyn Monroe getting her palm read. 1954, rare

Service Options

Half Hour Personal Reading US$ 120 (Birth Chart Reading, Zoom Session)

I read your unique birth chart for you with a positive & revealing interpretation of your strengths, challenges, life purpose, trends in your love life, etc.

I’ll answer any questions you may have about your birth chart, please communicate them upon payment.

The 30-minute reading is basically your elemental distribution and personality attributes, what was given to you at birth.

45 Minute Reading US$ 150 (Birth Chart Reading, Zoom session) 

This is everything else I can offer you as per your natal chart that part 1 doesn’t cover.

Feel free to buy this one if you’re looking for the most comprehensive look of your energies from the get-go.

The 45-minute reading focuses more on challenging areas in life path.

One Hour In Depth Reading US$ 180 Zoom session 

Full reading, Birth chart with transits, Life Purpose, Affirmations and Directives, + Q and A session at the end.

 The one-hour session includes transits and upcoming energies and what’s ahead for the next 6-12 months.

Most comprehensive analytical package, with birth chart analysis, Life Path analysis, Life Purpose and Affirmations with Q&A at the end of the session.

Life Purpose, Career Session- 45mins US$ 150

The reading is based on your Midheaven, North Node, Chart Ruler & more to tell you your legacy and life purpose and what qualities are helping you to achieve your status, how you show up in the
world and how best you can maximalize your abilities to reach your higher-self vibration.

Children and Romance Session- 45 mins US$ 150

The reading based on your 7th House of Marriage & 5th House of Children (and Sun, Moon & Rising).

This includes how you do Romance, your love life, the way you love and how want to be loved, your sexual power, what are you attracted to, the type of nurturer you are, your capabilities as a lover and as a parent, what is your parenting style. A fertility calendar is included in this one!

Yearly Forcast Session- 60 mins US$ 180

This session gives an overview of the upcoming energies for you for the
next 12 months, specifying times where relevant and incorporates planetary transits, progressions, retrogrades, eclipses and solar returns
among other techniques of forecasting.

Couples Reading US$ 220 Zoom session

This one hour session includes Full Reading for Couples, from personal energies to compatibility and upcoming energies.